Jindu Industrial & Commercial Corporation Iocated at the capital of hardware, Yongkang City Zhejiang Province. Since the very beginning of the establishment in 1995, the enterprise set the core of the main primary business at the eld of manufacturing, research and development of the diamond tools. After over 20 years'development, Jindu Industrial & Commercial Corporetion has become one of the biggest and most professional foundations for manufacturing, research and development of diamond tools industries in China, which is due to continuously investing in the overall enhancement of diamond tools business areas and improving techniques,management skills and innovations. Jindu has already become the only professional manufacturer in the eld of engineering drilling and diamond bits. Products varieties include all types of drilling machines and drilling bits in China.

With the aid of long term introduction to human resource, and continuously upholds the peple oriented management style, Jindu gathered a huge number of high standard management and technology professionals, and therefore a leading-edge team in diamond tools industry is built up.
The aim of Jindu Industrial & Commercial corporation is set at high standard from the initial stage of the company, and had being focusing on introducing advanced equipments. So far, Jindu has had most complete and advanced R&D, manufacturing and testing equipments among the industry.
With the high reliance on outstanding management teams, ourish corporate culturd, humanized working environment and location advantages, Jindu continues to promote products and upgrade services. In 2005, Jindu started to build up strategic alliance partnership with European business customers in producing advanced products and developing intemational market. Offering most competitive products and services to global high-end customers who have high demanding is already a long term strategic commitment for Jindu.
After over 20 years' development, Jindu Industrial & Commercial Corporation will have higher enthusiasm, better brand operation concept and more competietve products, along with business partners to push Chinese diamond tools industry to make a remarkable step ahead.